Humping The Gun

Humping the Gun is about Roscoe Talbott, a hopeless romantic, who takes responsibility for his best friend, Elliot Jones's, gimp leg from a high school rooftop incident. Now older and working as architects together in Memphis, TN, Roscoe throws Elliot a birthday party and ends up taking Valerie Wilson, the perfect babe, home that night. Only this is the woman Roscoe intended to set Elliot up with. After a horrible date, Roscoe loses the girl and she turns to Elliot's side and finds herself with a job inside their architectural firm. Suspicious about her intentions, Roscoe snoops around and finds that Valerie is a cold-blooded killer. Valerie catches on to Roscoe and the race is on to stop her from marrying Elliot before she can kill him. While saving his friend, Roscoe discovers what true friendship really means.