Hashtag who do you worship?

Trash clogs the digital arteries of communication and casts a tarnished patina of filth; human beings relate with one another more than ever before as they bond over mutual misconduct. Users of social media broadcast themselves and rapidly share, which fosters misinformation, compelling them to be the editors of their own content. The images and text in #WhoDoYouWorship? depict celebrities glamorizing ghetto culture. I have selected four contemporary icons adored and/or followed by millions; I represent them in internet meme format and execute the work using traditional painting techniques. The deities represented are Beyoncé, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington,) Miley Cyrus, and Lena Dunham. Culled from the Internet, this installation is a presentation of what some Internet era adults typically consume and broadcast digitally; it exposes the aspects of being human that are both maintained and relinquished.