Masters Thesis

A four-university collaborative to develop a field instructor training curriculum for social work professionals in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana

Fieldwork is an essential component of social work education because it bridges the gap between the classroom and professional employment. Field education provides students with experiential learning geared towards their professional and ethical development. The role of the field instructor is to guide students through the onboarding process, familiarize them with their role and duties within the agency, set goals and learning objectives and to prepare them for their future social work careers. This graduate project is designed to establish a field supervision training curriculum in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. Colleagues at two Ghanaian universities noticed a lack of training and workforce preparedness for field instructors, which resulted in Dr. Sevaughn Banks and Dr. Felicia Tuggle being invited to fill this educational gap. MSW candidate Derielle Coleman was recruited as the Curriculum Coordinator to organize the development of learning objectives, training curriculum, an evaluation tool, training logistics and facilitate correspondence between colleagues in international time zones. Upon completion of the training, field instructors will be able to provide social work students with the knowledge, skills and ethics needed to enhance the lives of the communities they serve.