Masters Thesis

Like a girl: a school-based girl empowerment group to build unity and reduce bullying

To help combat esteem issues and mental health crises related to bullying and other disempowering circumstances that some adolescent females may face, a curriculum was developed for a social work-driven, skill building, peer support group – #LikeAGirl! This program was designed to increase participants’ perceived of empowerment, elevate participants’ sense of community, and support a desire among participants to empower other girls. The curriculum was created with the intention of indirectly reducing girl-on-girl bullying. #LikeAGirl! was designed to be facilitated at a high school with 10-15 female students, ages 14-18, for the duration of 5 weekly meetings. The curriculum concentrated on five primary areas: vulnerability, communication, relationships, social media, and personal control. Unfortunately, this program was unable to launch due to the school’s closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, feedback from participants was not possible. It must be noted, however, that school social workers would be an optimal choice for facilitating #LikeAGirl!