Masters Thesis

Is the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 being implemented at a local Bakersfield, CA elementary school

This program evaluation will investigate if the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is being implemented well at Sandrini Elementary school in Bakersfield, CA. NCLB is an act that was implemented under President George W. Bush and it was his hope to make sure children in grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade would become proficient readers, close the achievement gap between socioeconomically disadvantaged students and advantaged students, and, overall, develop an act that would give the education system better outcomes than occurred before NCLB. NCLB is a combination of various federally funded education acts, but in particular it mirrors the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) in that it is designed to help disadvantaged students become academically successful. Although NCLB has a noteworthy purpose, issues have arisen because the act was put into action with little input from educators, students, and the community. The purpose of this program evaluation is to identify the effectiveness of NCLB and if it is being implemented at a local elementary school in Bakersfield, CA. This program evaluation is an outcomes-based assessment that is focusing on the implementation of the program. The effectiveness of the implementation will be determined through the development of a focus group and research. The focus group consisted of eight educators at a local elementary school. Research was based on information that supported the opinions of the focus group and actual data from the 2010 School Accountability Report Card. Participants in the focus group reported NCLB is being implemented at their school and is being done effectively. Participants stated the success can be traced to various programs that are implemented through NCLB regulations such as Response to Intervention (RTi), Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and through the Edusoft program that is made readily available to educators through a computer-based program. In addition to these results, the SARC report suggested that NCLB is being implemented but it is falling short in relation to productivity. This fact was developed due to the low scores that were displayed on the SARC report. From this program evaluation, it can be concluded that NCLB is implemented at a local elementary school in Bakersfield, CA with effectiveness, but it is falling short in relation to state regulations. Some recommendations that are suggested, in relation to implementation, are the establishment of an identifiable NCLB protocol for educators to abide by, development of a growth based model, and the establishment of alternative assessment tools.


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