A handbook of lesson plans for teachers of male adolescents : describing the problems of being male and alternative male identities

"Erik Erikson has developed the view that the focal issue of adolescence is a crisis in identity. The adolescent struggles to determine who he is and who he shall be in adult society. Adolescence is a period of exploring alternatives and a time of decision making." With this in mind, adolescence becomes an excellent time to present alternative values to young people. For the male, adolescence is the appropriate time to present him with alternative role models of the masculine sex. If adolescent males are not made aware of the fact that options do indeed exist, they will face the future with the same masculine attitudes as past generations, whose masculine attitudes have been described as "a blueprint of self-destruction.” This masculine attitude will also interfere with their relationships with women as women's roles and attitudes continue to change within our changing society. The purpose of this handbook is to give teachers ideas, lesson plans and values clarification games that can be used in a classroom to prompt male adolescents to question their ideas of the masculine identity. The hope for this handbook is that teachers will use it in their social studies, English or health classes to give male students alternative masculine identities to explore, so that when they become adults, they will not face the same problems as did their fathers. This handbook is divided into two chapters. Chapter One describes the many problems that men face, the destructiveness of these problems, and why it is important for adolescent males to recognize these masculine problems and change. Chapter Two is made up of lessons that encourage male students to look at and question themselves, that point out the problems of being male, and that present alternative masculine identities, rather than the present ones that are taught to young men today through families, media and society, in general.