FKM- an electronic implementation of fob key approval process using digital signatures

FKM - “Fob Key Manager” is a web application for managing the Fob Key request-approval process using digital signatures. Fob Key Manager will enable applicants to submit their request for Fob Key by logging into the FKM system and submitting an online form. The request-approval will be processed across the three departments – department office, dean’s office and facilities office using digital signatures. Each office staff is able to see the requests by logging into the FKM system. The staff can verify signatures and- approve or reject requests based on the applicant’s eligibility. The applicant can check the status of the approval by logging into his account from time to time. The applicant also gets email alerts about the status of the application. Upon approval by the three departments the applicant can collect the Fob Key from facilities office. The system ensures security features such as authentication, data integrity, non-repudiation and trust. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is implemented to control the information the user sees and also ensure that an authorized person is approving the requests. The application is implemented using C#(.Net framework) ADO.Net and ASP.Net. The database used to store the applications is Microsoft Sql Server 2012. The server will be replicated to ensure availability and reliability. The FKM system is intended to be extended and used by facilities management at Sacramento State University. However, with little modification it can be used in other appropriate environments.