Strategies for teachers to strengthen parent engagement

Parent involvement or parent engagement? Do they mean the same thing? Are parents a necessity in a child's educational journey? What are some strategies teachers can develop to help increase parent engagement? School to home partnerships are everchanging, but remain a vital component to academic success. While teachers strive to develop and to maintain open and positive communication lines with their students' families, the decrease in parent involvement and engagement exists. This thesis project examined the research surrounding parent involvement and engagement practices. It reviewed this topic's history and explored its future, as well as, dissected the benefits and obstacles that face parents and families. Included is a handbook titled Strategies for Teachers to Increase Parent Engagement. The handbook focuses on providing teachers with strategies to strengthen parent engagement. The process of planning, organizing, and implementing these elements to strengthen parent outreach are explored in the handbook. It spotlights four key components to help increase parent engagement. The four components include: classroom routines and procedures, parent nights and workshops, technology, and events that can be used to build a strong school community. The objective of this project was to provide resources for teachers to utilize to develop routines and procedures that can be used to assist parents.