Prevention of Shoulder Surfing using Graphical Authentication System

Shoulder surfing is the process of stealing one’s personal information such as personal identification number or password by looking over the victim’s shoulder. Nowadays, a hacker can use a video camera to actively record a user entering the password to access personal banking or social networking application order to prevent this, a graphical authentication system has been created where users can use multiple images as password. In this project, we will deal with two types of image authentication, one is an image splitting method where we will deploy a matrix grid over the image and choose a specific grid as the password. The second one is the image overlapping method where a series of randomized numbers are generated over the image. There is an additional two-tier security of generating a temporary access password every time the user tries to login. The temporary password is generated only when the user covers the ambient sensor and it is available only for a temporary time. The two types of authentication system provide a secure way to access the app and make it impossible for the hackers to gain access.