The Effects of Culturally Relevant Curriculum on Latino Males

The fastest growing minority group in the U.S is Latinos, yet this group is struggling to graduate from high school. Even though schools are aware of the achievement gap of Latino males, what are schools providing to have Latino males feel that they can succeed in their academics? This study is a quantitative comparative case study between two groups of Latino males: one of the groups went through a culturally relevant curriculum in a middle school and the other group did not. This study looks at the participants over time starting in middle school and again in high school to see if the academic gains made with the support of the program were sustained. Even though academic gains were sustained, a significant positive difference was found in the group who participated in the culturally relevant curriculum in their total grade point averages in middle school and in their English language fluency throughout high school. It was also noted that there was a significant drop in academic course grade point average for both groups in high school.