Challenges women face in small business leadership roles

Despite previous efforts to increase and encourage more women in businesses and corporate leadership roles, women are still disproportionately underrepresented, especially in small businesses. Women are continuing to find it difficult to be in leadership roles in workforces that are predominately run by men. Challenges such as society stereotypes, social norms, the glass ceiling, and the glass cliff add to challenges of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, which have created barriers that discourage women from moving upward. Studies show that the absence of women in leadership roles affects not only businesses and corporations, but also the community, the family, and the economy. An increase in data and research has shown the positive effects of gender equality that precipitate when both genders combine their unique perspectives and move towards solution-based and problem-solving techniques. Although research has increased awareness, slow progress in the efforts of gender equality in business have barely made any changes in women’s experiences in the workforce. A variety of strategies are presented in this paper to continue awareness of this issue through the experimental use of small businesses working towards gender equality and influencing other businesses to take a similar approach.