New paintings

These are paintings of joinings, of separations, of meetings between related forms. I hope they make a pattern as unique and personal as my own thumbprint, or, from a more distant focus, as broad as an aerial view of a desert. I attempt to delineate the paradoxes that derive from the fact that these images are at once external and internal, gross and minute, concave and convex. When one tries to remember a dream on first waking, one sees that as detail in the dream becomes clear, the context shifts in and out of focus, yet presents an integrated whole. These paintings are experienced in just this fashion. One recognizes, for instance, layers of possibilities, transforming gestures, wrinkles on a mobile skin in a world of simultaneous happenings. While the paintings are depictions of light, this is subjective light in an inner world, in which the space between figuration is significantly full. The color in its application determines an emotional position which varies slightly from painting to painting, finally presenting a range of mood which reflects my own range from lightest to darkest, most passionate to most mute.