Capstone project

Combination diesel & biodiesel delivery system with refinery kit

This semester we focused on design parameters and specification required to develop our project. The tasks that were to be completed encompassed a great degree of brainstorming and information gathering on behalf of all members to make the process as efficient and productive as possible. We revised our objectives several times to achieve a design product that could best display our strengths as Energy stem Mechanical Engineers, while at the same time focusing on areas that portrayed our ability to fight through and compensate for our weaknesses in the Mechanical stem. We focused on developing a safe, efficient and practical process to convert used vegetable oil into bio-diesel and then procuring a method of delivery to an engine that would allow an existing diesel system to exist in conjunction with an added biodiesel delivery system. The refinery will be complete with a delivery nozzle that allows the unit to be semi-portable in the aspect for transfer to the tank in a car trunk. The following report entails our project design and brainstorming process to bring this product from idea straight through to development.