The adequacy of the summer biology courses of the Fresno City Schools, Fresno, California

This study was conducted to establish the measure of adequacy of the summer biology courses of the Fresno City Schools. The specific intent was to conduct a study that would measure the adequacy as objectively as possible. The data collected were analyzed in a critical manner but with constructive intentions. Conclusions and recommendations which appeared to be proper were presented. Whether or not the results of this study prove to be beneficial will depend upon the opinion of those in a position to consider them and to effectuate the necessary action in accordance with the results. This study, however, definitely will be an advantage to the writer of this paper in the teaching of biology courses in the future. This study served as a means of self-evaluation of past biology teaching. The cooperation of the summer biology teachers is recognized and greatly appreciated. It is hoped that the results of this study will be of some value to them. The guidance of Dr. Orrin D. Wardle, who generously advised during the course of a very busy summer session and while on vacation, also is acknowledged. Without this co-operation and necessary advice, this study would not have been possible.