Third Grade Wellness Curriculum

This project explores the importance of implementing physical education in the elementary school setting. Physical education is beneficial for students and required by the state of California, but it can be difficult for general teachers to implement. The literature review explores five themes: the health crisis of youth and how school can address this with physical education, physical education for students in urban areas, lack of support and teacher training for physical education, capitalizing on the minutes dedicated to physical education by reaching moderate to vigorous physical activity, and using gamification to capture student interest in physical education. The curriculum is designed for third grade students and includes 3-units designed for 3 weeks, with 4 lessons per week, at 35 minutes per lesson. Each lesson will include: Materials, Physical Education Standards, English Language Development Standards, Objectives, Assessments, Vocabulary, Set Up Instructions, Instructional Steps, and Handouts. Limits that aroused in the implementation of the Wellness curriculum included a lack of family communication, professional input, equipment limitations, and lack of school-wide professional development. In conclusion, having a positive experience participation in physical activities can affect the confidence and likelihood that student will continue participation throughout their adult life. This will directly impact their health and wellbeing for the rest of their life. Therefore, it is important to implement a quality program in elementary school.