Masters Thesis

Automatic Traffic Light Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

All through the previous decades, with the advancements in vehicle ownership every year, traffic congestion has appeared to be a growingly stern issue. Increasing numbers of traffic light control systems (TLCS) have emerged in the market in order to focus on this issue. Nonetheless, current systems showcase the disadvantages of high cost, large installation difficulty, together with enormous maintenance difficulty. This dissertation is devoted to conquering those disadvantages in addition to providing a new method in this field. This work is composed of a sensor node (SN) as well as an access point (AP). in SN, a giant magneto resistive (GMR) sensor is put to use for the purpose of detecting vehicle signature, in the meantime, a typical wireless MCU, CC2530 that is under ZigBee protocol, is employed for transmitting the signal from sensor node (SN) to access point (AP). in the same manner, a same wireless MCU is put to application in AP for the purpose of receiving the signal. the technology of wireless sensor network (WSN) is the major point of this work. a demo is established in order to test this design. All through this procedure, software, Protel Altium Designer was put to work for designing printed circuit boards (PCB), IAR Systems was employed for programming and burning program to the chip.


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