Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Workers Amongst Corporate Business Managers

A strong intersection lays between corporate responsibility and social work. The commonalities between the concept of corporate social responsibility and the social work profession are heavily tied in values based on promotion of social change in communities and societies and the development of programs and organizations. Despite the in-depth training social workers receive in principles that promote the advancement of societal and organizational structures, corporations and social workers have yet to collaborate within the realm of corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, both sectors have been shown to have a lack of understanding about each other's scope of practice. The purpose of this quantitative study is to explore the perceptions of corporate social responsibility and social workers amongst corporate business managers. Twenty-eight individuals holding upper managerial positions in corporate businesses were recruited to participate in an anonymous survey exploring their perceptions regarding corporate social responsibility and the social work profession. The findings of this study suggest that while business managers may not want to collaborate with social workers within the realm of corporate social responsibility their overall perception of social workers is positive. This exploratory study was the first step in gathering information that can raise awareness and provide a foundation for ideas to bridge the gap and create a vision for collaboration between corporations and social workers, which could help corporations better serve their communities more effectively.