Space management system

The Space Management System is an continuing project at the Aerospace Corporation. The project started when the Facilities requested that I determine the feasibility of acquiring a Facilities Management software package to manage the existing Aerospace building building space. After several meetings with the Facilities Department, I wrote a requirements document that described the optimal Facilites Management System for Aerospace. I then added to the document, a comparision of the available software packages vs the requirements. The requirements document is included as appendix A. Because none of the software packages met all of the basic requirements, it was agreed that I would design and implement a Space Management System in-house. The Design Specifications for the system have been included as appendix B. The User's Manual, which describes the features and use of the system, has been included as appendix C. The system is used primarily to display the Personnel information associated with Facilities floor plans. The system also provides the tools for inputing the Facilities floor plans into a graphics data base, modifying the floor plans as changes occur, and generating Celcomp plots of the floor plans with or without the Personnel information.