LGBT relationship development and dynamics: young couples' experiences introducing partner to parents

The purpose of this study was to describe relationship development and dynamics of LGBT emerging adults, ages 18-25, specifically on the introduction of LGBT partner to parents. A quantitative study, using an electronic survey was used to probe three main areas of pre introduction, during introduction, and post introduction of partner to parents. Twenty-five participants completed the survey. The major findings indicated that most participants introduced their partner to their parents during their first relationship and felt more comfortable with the introduction with their female biological mother than any other parent. Some of the greatest challenges faced in emerging adulthood were their identity and finances, while stressors coming from outside, were jobs and family. The critical finding was that the majority of the participants had a positive experience when introducing their partner to their families. Unfortunately, there remains a dearth of research on introducing one’s LGBT partner to his or her parents, suggesting that research around this topic is needed. Critical implications for practice, policy and future research are examined.