Masters Thesis

Countering the effects of multigenerational race and gender trauma: a prescriptive educational mode

Sociological theorists and researchers in the area of race and education agree that the impact of inferior educational programs and race, class and gender based allocation of funding for public education impact the esteem and sense of worth for poor youth. These inequities significantly impact youth of color, specifically those of African and Latin American descent. This theoretical framework is reviewed in Chapter 1 - Review of Literature. However, there is limited research resulting in concrete change in these inequities and the quality of education for poor youth and youth of color. Additionally, very little research has been done on the impact of the racial history of the U.S. on the education o f children today . This study provides insight into the multigenerational impact of slavery in the United States and the resulting racial segregation in U.S. schools. The basis of this qualitative study is the Oakland Community School (OCS), a model community-based elementary conceived by the Black Panther Party. Through in-depth interviews and qualitative assessments of 20 former students, parents, teachers and staff, coupled with complimentary research, the results show that educational conditions can impact the historical legacy of race and gender trauma. Prevalent in the study are the links between racial inequities in education on the identity formation of young people of color. The study also provides a prescriptive model for the future of public education and the communities that support and house it,

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