Masters Thesis

Program proposal for prevention and intervention of human sex trafficking of domestic female minors in Kern County, CA

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise and is among the top three crimes globally (Couch, 2015). Human sex trafficking of domestic minors is the act of forcing children under the age of 18 to partake in sexual acts in the United States. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children this crime occurs in communities across America, is often unreported, and available research shows females are more likely to be victimized (2014). The key to combating this crime is education about prevention and intervention of this criminal act (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2014). This study seeks to research existing educational programs and prevention tactics and to propose a program that meets these needs for Kern County. Research shows that a program should target youth, be incorporated into an existing program or organization, and targets stakeholders who are likely to be around vulnerable youth or to intervene in human sex trafficking situations. There is currently more research available regarding female victims of human sex trafficking of domestic minors and this program proposal will target female youth in Kern County (Kotrla, 2010). The goal of this program is to address educating the community to identify juvenile female victims and possible juvenile female victims, as well as combating this crime. The proposed program takes into account various factors and is designed to address education of this crime among students, educators, community groups, parents and law enforcement.


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