Paraprofessional Handbook Operational Procedures and Teaching/Learning Strategies

Paraprofessionals in an inclusive middle school classroom fulfill a fundamental need to successfully support students with special needs. The difficulty with utilizing these essential members of the special education staff is that they are often not given the training to effectively support the students they service. It is essential that these vital staff members are given the tools and support that they require. Paraprofessionals often do not possess the necessary understanding of special educations operational procedures and learning strategies to support the students they service. Based on the common themes presented in the literature review and relevant teaching experiences from a resource center classroom, a paraprofessional handbook was developed as an effective option to alleviate the above-mentioned need. Ultimately, the project was designed to be a resource handbook to help guide and develop professional development training's for paraprofessionals led by an education specialist. This handbook directly provides special education paraprofessionals with not only operational procedures but also the teaching and learning strategies for two disabilities Dyslexia and ADHD.