Development of a Stormwater Management Plan for Cal Poly Pomona Campus

The purpose of this research is to make Cal Poly Pomona a more water sustainable community by looking at the following areas: water reuse and reclamation, stormwater management, and low impact developments. The amount of stormwater for the campus is 2035.96 acre-foot per year which is a commodity and is being lost every year. Buildings and parking lots are not environmental friendlies because they collect water with waste which could be improved on. To begin, the safe clean water program, a program that provides fund for projects in L.A. County, was analyzed for Cal Poly Pomona to become a potential project funded by the Measure W tax. Moreover, low-impact developments and native plants are examined in preparation for the survey of the campus. To organize the survey, a map of the campus is divided into four sections and the GIS data was utilize to obtain a better idea of the geography. Each section was inspected and discussed. Discussions focus on improving the reuse of stormwater and, implementing native plants and low-impact developments. The results of the survey showed that Cal Poly Pomona has a number of nonnative plants that could be replaced or removed, current drainage systems that need to be properly maintained, construction of low-impact developments such as rain gardens, bioretention, and dispersion and establishment of a new stormwater collection system. Overall, the survey shows that Cal Poly Pomona could benefit from Measure W by receiving funds and will benefit from our proposed scheme.