Helping multiracial adolescents in a racial identity crisis who are dealing with suicidal ideation: A psychoeducational workshop for therapists.

Suicidal ideation is not uncommon during adolescence due to the struggle they have trying to find the own identity as they prepare for adulthood. For those adolescents who are multiracial, discovering an identity can become even more complex. The inability to form an identity can lead to hopelessness, worthlessness and isolation. This makes multiracial adolescents more at risk for developing thoughts of suicide. In order to reduce the level of suicidal ideation in multiracial adolescents, work needs to be done to help them form an identity that they can feel strongly about. Narrative therapy utilizes several tools and interventions that can be used to help a multiracial adolescent discover a preferred narrative in which they can route their identity. By taking a post-modern, strengths-based approach to dealing with suicidal ideation, the client can come up with the things that they like about themselves and rewrite their identity in a positive light.