Frances Burney: a young lady's entrance into the eighteenth century literary world

In the eighteenth century male-dominated world of English literature, Frances Burney was one of the few women to be recognized and celebrated as an author in her own lifetime. When at twenty-five years of age she published her first novel, Samuel Johnson proclaimed her to be extraordinary. Evelina, a work she had written in secret and first published anonymously, introduced her to the literary world. She reveals as much or more about herself in this piece of creative fiction as she does in her well-known journals. A close study of the author's life and analysis of her novel, Evelina, show that while Burney writes about her heroine's entrance into London society, she attempts to resolve her own conflicted feelings about being a woman who seeks to publish. Frances Burney's entrance into the literary world significantly changed the way in which women writers were perceived in society in her own time and in future generations. Key words: 1. Burney, Frances (1752-1840). 2. Women and Literature. 3.Eighteenth Century Fiction