Discussion of the violin music of Jules Massenet, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Fritz Freisler and Chen Gang

This paper is based on my graduate violin recital. I will be analyzing the musical works in my recital program and discussing the strategies about how to plan such a solo recital. Meanwhile, the purpose of this paper is a contemplation of myself prompting my improvement. As a student in the string performance major, a solo recital is a way to show the techniques learned and to reflect one's personal understanding of the music. I chose Massenet's Thaïs for the opening work, followed by two sonatas by Beethoven and Schubert. I put two short pieces at the beginning of the second half and ended the performance with a small Chinese work. In order to be more professional with musical interpretation it is necessary to conduct research and analysis of the chosen pieces. A great recital does not just have high technique and virtuosity of playing, but also includes many aspects such as how to plan a program and how to control one's nerves throughout the recital.