Leading With Leadership: Benefits For Millennial Employee Retention And Motivation

A vast review of the literature has found that Millennials are unlike any other generation because they have different values than previous generations. Due to a generational change in values, Millennials seek different needs and wants from the workforce. A leadership style that appeals and speaks to the Millennial generation can contribute and increase motivation and subsequently lead to a higher retention rate within the public sector. To understand how to lead millennials will depend on how much we know about their values in the workforce. Based on the literature surrounding millennial motivation, retention and leadership preferences, the purpose of this project aims to explore how transformational leadership in the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) is more likely to enhance Millennial employee motivation and retention. Results of the research would encourage public sectors to invest in leadership programs as a tool to motivate millennial employees as well as a retention strategy in an attempt to lower turnover rates.