Other forms of domestic violence handbook: taking a closer look behind closed doors

The literature review provides intriguing possibilities for new conceptualizations of domestic violence. It is time to pay attention and make distinctions among various types of violence. The literature reviewed in this paper touches on a new "underground" form of domestic violence called other forms of domestic violence. Other forms of domestic violence include psychological/emotional abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse, social abuse, spiritual or religious abuse. Because other forms of domestic violence are subtle in their functioning, researchers rarely touch upon this new version of domestic violence. The Other Forms of Domestic Violence Handbook: Taking a Closer Look Behind Closed Doors was developed as a useful resource for professionals, frontline workers of domestic violence, and for victims of domestic violence to obtain information and gain awareness. The major goal in the design and development of this handbook, along with a power-point presentation, is to bring forth awareness to the emerging prevalence of other forms of domestic violence and their detrimental affects on the victim by providing easy readable and understandable information regarding the issue.