Graduate project

A parent education program for Spanish-American parents of deaf children

Statement of the Problem. The problem is the need for a parent education program to serve Spanish-American parents of children enrolled in special education programs. Background of the Problem. Registration day for enrollment into the program serving the deaf and/or severely hard of hearing children occurs on the Thursday or Friday of the third week in August in Cameron and Hidalgo Counties of Texas. Parent or guardians of each prospective student or former student will come to register the student and plan the bus route to transport the student between home and school. This is the last visual contact the school has with 95% of the parents or guardians until the next August. Parents or guardians expect the program to pass on to the student enough skills to acquire an education without taking a role themselves. Each student is in the academic program five hours and fifteen minutes each school day or nine hundred forty-five hours during the entire school year composed of one hundred eighty days. This amounts to less than 11% of the hours during a given year. Therefore a great deal of the student�s learning must and should take place beyond an academic set-up.