Industrial design

My graduate studies in industrial design have broadened my field of knowledge regarding theoretical and conceptual aspects of the field - an area which was guided by the advanced instruction of our faculty. I believe that products of the future should embody flexibility, compactness, and simplicity. Since 1950, a significant shift has occurred in the world of production in almost every major commodity. As the population grew at an accelerated rate, per capita production rose, peaked and is now in decline. Therefore, most industries now demand more economical material use with efficient design for any marketable product. Today's rapidly advancing high technologies such as solar energy and computer-aided design are exerting a tremendous impact in industrial manufacturing applications. We are entering a post-petroleum age, with very bright prospects of solar energy field and computer related technology. My intent in the R.S.E.P. (Residential Solar Energy Project) was to explore and discover the many possible conceptual applications of new technical developments in basic home usage. Using recent technological advances such as conventionally available photovoltaic solar energy cells, appliances can be designed for better energy efficiency, easier maintenance, and less pollution factors. I concentrated on kitchen appliances and design, since most household energy is consumed in the kitchen, by improving the performance of small and everyday appliances we can achieve economy and conservations: During the conceptual stage, I realized that I needed more specific, accurate information from scientists or physicists in related fields to develop the initial idea. I contacted the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, particularly the Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Research Group. In reviewing their research data and materials of updated experimentation, I established my design criteria and was able to realize the context of the project more clearly. This gave my designs a firm grounding in what is acutally possible with current technology. In one of my wood furniture projects, I attempted to widen the usage of wood by reinforcing the material strength in combination with other industrial media such as aluminum and plexiglass. (See more in text)