Facilitating the acculturation process to Latino families in order to become bi-cultural individuals

The purpose of doing this project is to facilitate the acculturation process for the Latino families who are migrating to the United States, especially since Latinos represent the fastest growing demographic population in California and in many other states. The acculturation process for all emigrants is not an easy task, therefore this project will help them to learn how to cope with acculturation stress and how to integrate their collectivistic family world views into the United States individualistic family world views by using a psycho-education methodology and by striking on the concepts of language barrier, Latino culture values and acculturation stress. In short this methodology will educate the Latino family members about the new culture, and it will help them to deal with depression, anxiety, emotional distraction and the feeling of hopelessness that is created by the acculturation process. In addition, this project will assist and guide foreign born facilitators who are required as part of their field of work to teach Latino families how to cope with the acculturation process and how to become Bi-cultural individuals in the United States.