Pilot Evaluation of the Home Delivered Meals Program in improving the quality of life among homebound seniors

A pilot evaluation of The Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center's Home Delivered Meals Program attempted to test the quality of life among homebound seniors before and after implementing the program. The study used secondary data consisting of male and female seniors, sixty years of age and older, deemed medically homebound, and new to the program. Clients were invited to participate in an in-person pre-assessment and telephone post-assessment, which assessed for depressive symptoms and quality of life. After a three-month period of participation, researchers found statistical significance for PHQ9 scores and self reported quality of life ratings. These findings suggest a correlation between the quality of life of homebound seniors and The Home Delivered Meals Program. Future research focusing on larger sample sizes and a more comprehensive assessment tool may provide policy makers and funders with evidence to support further development and creation of programs.