Masters Thesis

Of greater vision

This novel is based on a true story and represents the later period in the life of Reverend Tunis G. Campbell. It begins in 1863 when Tunis Campbell, at age fifty, leaves New York and moves to Georgia to help the freedmen assemble their new lives. The story follows him through the last two years of the Civil War, into Reconstruction and continues through his political struggles as the Democrats regain control of Georgia. The historical events and timeline are factual. Tunis Campbell and the periphery characters are true American historical figures. The author has taken liberties with the two characters who represent St. Catherine's Island - Isata and Vali. These two characters, however, are based on characters culled from Georgia slave narratives and particularly from interviews gathered from former slaves who lived and worked on St. Catherine’s Island prior to, and during the time Reverend Campbell resided on the island.