A comparative study of in-school suspension and out of school suspension at the middle level

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of two different middle school suspension programs, in-school suspension and out-of-school suspension, to determine which program is more successful at changing unacceptable student behavior at the middle level. In-school suspension is offered as a discipline program at Carter Middle School while out-of-school suspension is offered as a discipline program at Reagan Middle School. I hypothesized that an in-school suspension program was more effective at changing unacceptable student behavior than an out-of-school suspension program. In attempt to prove my hypothesis, suspension data was gathered from both middle schools from school years 1999-2002. In addition, administrators from both school sites were interviewed and ten teachers from each school site were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their views on their school site's suspension program. The findings suggest that administrators would rather have an in-school suspension program. The data revealed there were less repeat offenders in an out-ofschool suspension program than an in-school suspension program. However, the outof- school suspension program had three times as many suspensions and number of students suspended than the in-school suspension program.