Integrating Multicultural Literature in K-2 Classrooms: A Guidebook for the Evaluation and Selection of Exemplary Multicultural Children's Books

ABSTRACT INTEGRATING MULTICULTURAL LITERATURE IN K-2 CLASSROOMS: A GUIDEBOOK FOR THE EVALUATION AND SELECTION OF EXEMPLARY MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN’S BOOKS by Lauren S. Wilson Master of Arts in Education Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners Option California State University, Chico Summer 2009 This project discusses the value and importance of multicultural children’s literature and the need for teachers to incorporate such literature in the classroom. The purpose of this project was to create a resource for teachers that was comprised of a checklist for evaluating literature and an annotated bibliography that provides examples of exemplary literature. The first part of this project that this author created is a checklist for evaluating and selecting exemplary multicultural children’s literature that can be used in the kindergarten through second grade classroom. The checklist was designed to x assist teachers in choosing culturally sensitive exemplary children’s books that will expand young reader’s conceptions of the world which we live. It was this authors hope that the checklist created would be user friendly and easily accessible. The purpose of the checklist is to provide a tool that will aid in selecting exemplary literature for the classroom. The second component of this project was the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography that is provided is comprised of fifty books that are great examples of exemplary children’s books. These books will serve to guide teachers in choosing such selections and will be a resource for teachers in the classroom. The bibliography was designed to provide teachers with a basis for developing their own list of great books. The goal of this project is to help aid in the selection of children’s books to ensure that those chosen represent the multicultural nature of the world and serve the needs of all our students. This author believes that multicultural literature can serve as a tool in bringing cultures together.