Outpatient rehabilitation for a patient with low back pain and radicular pain

A patient with low back pain and radicular pain was seen for physical therapy treatment for 10 sessions from 7/20/15 to 8/21/15 at an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Treatment was provided by a student physical therapist under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with a full subjective and objective examination, an Oswestry Disability Index was administered as an outcome measure assessing functional disability due to low back pain, and a plan of care was established. The main goals for the patient were to decrease pain, improve range of motion, decrease lumbosacral neural tissue mechanosensitivity, reduce functional disability, and achieve active duty medical readiness status as a pilot for the United States Airforce. Main interventions used were spinal stabilization exercises, stretching exercises, patient education, and functional training. The patient made clinically meaningful improvements in range of motion, pain severity, lumbosacral neural tissue mechanosensitivity, and functional disability. He was able to achieve active duty medical readiness status. The patient was discharged from physical therapy with a home exercise program.