Factors that contribute to improving fourth-graders' performance in mathematics

This study investigated factors that contribute to improving fourth-graders' performance in mathematics by surveying fourth-grade teachers who teach mathematics in order to gain insight into teacher perceptions based on experiences with students in their prior classrooms. The factors were based on prior research documenting common factors that impact student success in mathematics. These factors for success were: parental involvement, instructional aids, instructional strategies, incentives, and integrating mathematics with other disciplines. This study identified specific aspects of these five common factors related to the improvement of fourth-graders' performance in mathematics. The findings from this study indicated that not all of the five common success factors were related to factors for student improvement in mathematics. In fact, this study found that four factors contribute to improving students' performance in mathematics. They are: a) using visual or hands-on manipulatives, b) providing students with praise, c) integrating mathematics with other disciplines such as art, and d) providing students with individualized instruction to meet each student's individual needs and learning style. In addition, aspects that are related to improving fourth-graders' performance in mathematics were documented in the study. KEYWORDS: Elementary, Improvement, Mathematics, Teacher Perceptions