Masters Thesis

Online affiliate marketing as a fundraiser for nonprofit organizations

Affiliate marketing is a program run by online retailers to increase their sales and marketing efforts in a controlled-cost manner by paying third-party affiliates a fixed commission for the sale of their products through the affiliate’s website. It is put upon the affiliates to generate web traffic to their site and make the sale. This paper examined the idea of the use of online affiliate marketing by nonprofit organizations to raise money to try to determine if affiliate marketing can be considered as good as other common fundraisers that local nonprofits for athletic and school booster clubs and local arts hold each year. With their members, nonprofit organizations already have a starting list of people they can encourage and direct to their website to make online purchases earning commissions for that particular organization. While it was seen that for zero-dollar cost it is possible for organizations to generate commissions using affiliate marketing, there are other factors involved that create hurdles for affiliate marketing to be considered a worthwhile fundraiser to utilize.