Metabolism of three species of young and adult peromyscus

The purpose of this investigation was to study the metabolism of three species of young and adult Peromyscus by means of oxygen consumption. Young Peromyscus were used to determine the timing of the onset of homeotherapy and to ascertain whether age or weight triggered the onset. The zone of thermal neutrality for P. maniculatus was 22.5C - 25 [degrees]C and for P. californicus was 20 [degrees] C - 25 [degrees] C. In P. boylii only one point was determined, 25 [degrees] C for the temperature intervals used in this study. The mean basel metabolism of adult P. maniculatus is 3.8 cc of oxygen per gm hr at 25 [degrees] C, and of P. californicus 1.9 cc of oxygen per gm hr at 25 [degrees] C. In developing young there is a linear relationship between weight and metabolism. The onset of homeothermy in three species of Percmyscus is a function of weight, and homeothermy is fully developed in the three species of Peromyscus prior to weaning.

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