Masters Thesis

Why fundraisers are needed for children who are at-risk

The state of California has made tremendous budget cuts in the last year. Many of these cuts have affected the education of our children. In Bakersfield, CA a state funded women’s center wants to open up a children’s center for the women who have children under the age of four. The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault is part of the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter in Bakersfield. The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault provides care and opportunities for women who have been abused. This facility offers a place to stay, food and assistance with employment to help women become a positive part of society. For the women with young children, The Alliance Against Family Violence can give a positive support and healthy developmental learning environments. The purpose of this project was too host a 5K Fun Run fundraiser, which will support the learning environments for the children, helping them to receive the same educational opportunities as other children.

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