Outpatient rehabilitation for a patient following a left total knee arthroplasty

A patient with left total knee arthroplasty was seen for physical therapy treatment for 10 sessions from 6/19/15 to 7/29/15 at an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Treatment was provided by a student physical therapist supervised by a licensed physical therapist. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with goniometry, manual muscle testing, evidence based health status questionnaires and mobility screening to assess joint range of motion, strength, functional mobility, activity and participation limitations to design an appropriate plan of care. Primary goals for the patient were to improve strength, knee range of motion, motor control during functional activities and to improve gait speed and standing balance. The main interventions used were manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and task-specific training for functional mobility. The patient met the following goals: increased joint range of motion, increased muscular strength, and increased balance. The patient was discharged to home with a long-term progressive home exercise program.