The progress of English learners in a structured English immersion program

The purpose of this study was to detennine 1) the length of time English learners required placement in a Structured English Immersion program before meeting exit requirements, 2) the progress students made towards meeting reclassification criteria and being exited into a Mainstream program, 3) the progress English learners made towards achieving grade level standards in English language arts, and 4) the success of students reclassified as Fluent English Proficient in the Mainstream program. Data was collected on English learners in kindergarten through grade two enrolled at the site continuously since kindergarten to detennine their progress in developing English proficiency. Data was also collected on second through sixth grade students reclassified the previous year, to detennine if the students were successful after their first year in a Mainstream program. The results indicated students require more than one year of an academic program for English learners before being ready for a Mainstream program. The study also found, while students require additional time, they are making progress in English language arts. In addition, the study detennined the majority of the students reclassified to fluent English Proficient continue to achieve in English language arts once they have been placed in the Mainstream program.