An analysis of student academic performance in a sheltered English instruction program

After Proposition 227 became law on June 2, 1998, throughout the state of California, students who had been previously placed in bilingual classrooms were then required to be instructed in English. Many of these students were placed in Sheltered English Immersion classroom. The purpose of this study was to analyze data for a select group of students and determine if 1) were they receiving a quality education, 2) how were they progressing along the district's English Language Learners Continuum, and 3) was their progress being monitored adequately and fairly. District and state testing data was analyzed for a period of three consecutive years for the selected group of students. The results indicate the majority of students who were initially categorized as English Learners and placed in a Sheltered English Instruction classroom at this school site are achieving and maintaining academic growth and proficiency. The majority of the students who met the criteria to be reclassified as Fluent English Proficient are also maintaining a high degree of academic success. Students who have not met the district's goals for English Learners are being closely monitored and provided with additional instructional support. Across the grade levels English Learners at this ~ite are receiving a quality education and are continually being monitored to ensure they are making progress.