Masters Thesis

Historical geography of the Sephardic Jews of Thessaloniki.

That people assimilate and react in multl-cultural environments is a fact that is observable even in present day United States. The way people solve and adapt to this problem determines the survival, extinction or amalgamation of each separate culture. This study deals with the con- sequences of the deterioration and break-up of relations among different groups. The benefits and liabilities of cultural adaptation that the Sephardic Jews imposed on themselves and their neigh- bors will present a case example of human relations and how these differences were finally solved. The constantly changing cultural settings in which the Sephardites found themselves caused a variety of problems. How they coped with the pro- blems, arising both from external pressures and internal dis- sentions, illustrates how effectively a people can make their own destiny. The fortunes of space and time grant, withhold and sometimes channel man's actions, for man can only choose from what he has and knows.