Anxiety a workshop presentation for parents of middle school students with anxiety

Abstract Workshop Presentation for Parents of Middle School Students with Anxiety By Lisa Lucore Master of Science in Counseling, School Counseling The goal of this graduate project is to create the curriculum for a workshop to be presented by the professional school counselor to families of middle school students who suffer with anxiety. This presentation will inform parents and guardians about the characteristics of developmentally expected adolescent behavior, highly anxious behavior, the efficacy of parental involvement in the use of cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques, and school counseling interventions that can be utilized to support the student. Families will be able to recognize warning signs that their child may be struggling with anxiety as well as learn strategies and techniques to support their child. Parents/guardians will also learn how the professional school counselor can work with them to support the student in teaching coping strategies, implementing school site interventions, and helping the student to continue to experience academic and social-emotional well-being.