Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Organizations

A report states that about 49% of nonprofit organizations lack the implementation of a strategic plan (Concord Leadership Group 2017). Therefore, most nonprofit organizations struggle to maintain their sustainability and demand. Strategic Management is about creating an extensive plan that encompasses an organization's mission, vision, goals, and purpose. Organizations must formulate strategies to achieve those goals and therefore a strategic plan is the right solution. If an organization effectively strategizes in utilizing a strategic plan the results will lead to organizational success. Otherwise, it will always lead to organizational failure. The purpose of this study is to better understand how effective strategic plans are vital for nonprofit organizations. The proposal will focus on the characteristics and purpose of strategic planning, the impact of strategic plans, and the importance of leadership. To conduct this research, a mixed methodology approach will be utilized, including a quantitative and qualitative research method. Randomized participants will participate from individuals that work for non-profit organizations in Los Angeles such as St. Joseph Center and Think Together.