Latinx and Muslim Communities Through the Lens of Donald Trump's Twitter

Donald Trump has used unconventional means when sharing his social views about ethnic minorities, particularly those within the Latinx and Muslim communities. His use of Twitter demonstrates this, which has caused some to believe his Twitter posts are equivalent to policies. In this research I have conducted a content analysis on 14,483 of the 45th president's tweets from the beginning of his campaign to August 31st, 2019. I wanted to question how Donald Trump's xenophobic narrative would impact colored communities, so when I was examining his tweets, I focused on the ones that targeted Latinx and Muslim communities. I hypothesize that his portrayal and verbiage of these communities have negative consequences, such as alerting how Latinx and Muslim communities view themselves and how others view them. Additionally, his narrative may positively influence how Latinx and Muslim communities vote and engage in politics. In order to determine this, I will be conducting a case study on the comments of his top two tweets that targets the Latinx community and the Muslim community.


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