Professional Development on High School Mathematics Content for Special Education Co-Teachers

Co-teaching provides the opportunity for students with special needs to be included in the same general education classes as their typical peers. At the high school level, inclusive classrooms often require a special education teacher to co-teach with a general education teacher in core academic content classrooms, such as mathematics and science. High school mathematics classes are challenging courses for students with special education needs and ones in which the special education teacher, who is co-teaching to support student learning lacks mathematical background knowledge to better assist students with and without disabilities within the inclusive general education mathematics classroom. The purpose of this project was to address the need for special education teachers who are co-teaching with mathematics content teachers to acquire adequate math conceptual understanding to better instruct and assist all students within an inclusive high school mathematics class. The product of this project is a professional development series on ninth grade Common Core State Standard math material to support special education teachers co-teaching in ninth-grade mathematics classes. Keywords: Co-teaching, high school math content, inclusive classrooms, professional development, special education, support teacher