The effects of the Lexia Reading Core5 Intervention Program on the reading achievement of third-grade students

There is no doubt that schools across the nation face the dilemma of students not reading at grade level. More than 20 years of reading reform and results remain unsatisfactory. During this study, the focus was to determine how the Lexia Reading Core5 intervention program affected the reading achievement of third grade students. Ninety-one third-grade students participated in the Lexia Reading Core5 computerized program, 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session. Students worked independently during each session with headphones and audio assistance. Assessments were administered to students prior to and after participation in the program. Results of the program were examined with the use of a paired sample t-test. The results revealed that Lexia Reading Core5 may contribute to improvement in three areas of reading (Lexile Levels, fiction, and nonfiction comprehension). However, there was no significant difference in fluency. Although, it is a promising program, there is a great need to continue with explicit and systematic instruction. In addition, students need to be exposed to other intervention opportunities for reading success.