Masters Thesis

Revision of the auditory perception test

It is often said that the elements of man which set him apart from the rest of the organisms occupying space on the earth are his reasoning faculties and his ability to communicate verbally. Therefore, it is no surprise that man has expended endless effort trying to understand his own cognitive abilities. It is surprising, however, that he has neglected his auditory processes, processes vital to verbal communication. Most work in the area of perception has been aimed at understanding the visual functions. Most modern learning theory, when it deals with perception at all, only mentions applications to visual perceptual processes. Apparently the assumption is made that all perceptual processes operate in the same manner as visual processes. Fortunately, in recent years, attention has been directed toward speech and the auditory processes involved in speaking, "the most interesting and characteris- tically human behavior; and the most neglected by psychologists" i (Gibson, 1969).

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